Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Stuff I've learned from eBay

1) A disproportionate number of you people are named Colleen and Nicole. I've sold about 50 things, and there have been four Colleens and six Nicoles. Why?

2) Sometimes there are people on eBay who do shit like, let's say they live in Brunei, they have an extensive purchase history on the U.S. eBay site, they win an auction, then they apparently had no idea that shipping a huge item to Brunei is extremely expensive and figured it could just magically be shipped for a few dollars instead of several hundred. Hypothetically speaking of course. 

3) eBay people are often able to write in normal human-type English when they message you with questions and shipping info and so forth, but then when they go to leave feedback, become possessed and can only write things like A++++ GREAT WOW SELLER YES YES PERFECT A-OK THANX DOORKNOB ANKLE COLD

4) Rather than stuffing each package into the mail chute at the post office, you can just bust up to the front of the line and ask for one of them bins the people with businesses put their mail in. SCUSE ME SCUSE ME I GOT OFFICIAL POSTAL BUSINESS YO. 

5) It's totally random what does and doesn't sell. Some of my stuff that's way underpriced is hanging out for weeks getting no bids, and some stuff is going for more than it would cost to just order it from the place it was purchased. I suspect people are addicted the auction/winning aspect and it feels better to have gotten a $5 item for a dollar plus $6 shipping than to order it from Target with free shipping. And I'm going to continue taking advantage of this dynamic, because I need money, and at least the stuff is going to someone who can use it instead of in the trash. 

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