Friday, February 26, 2021

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Lots of good bonuses at Swagbucks today and this week

Swagbucks is having a 13th birthday celebration today. The Swago board this week is worth $13 instead of $1-$5, and spins are back. You do have to do one in-store deal, which, WTF Swagbucks, it's a damn pandemic, so quit encouraging people to go places. It has some "any brand" ones that work in any store though, so all you have to do is buy any type of cereal in any store to get it.

Here's how I've been doing with Swagbucks lately. It's hit or miss whether it's worth it, but it's been good lately:

Also, I'm back to heavily scraping, so I'm really needing the Amazon cards to buy drugstore items and whatnot, so I'm very grateful Swagbucks has been good lately. Hoping it stays that way.

If you need a new pyramid scheme, this is a good time to sign up. My referral link is: Go there, sign up, start doing Swagbucks things and we both get free gift cards. Also, is a great source of info on which offers to do.