Friday, April 5, 2024

Solitaire Smash tips and tutorial

If you are a fellow GenXer who spent time in the pre-internet '90s sitting at computers where the only thing to do other than doing your job was playing solitaire, this one is definitely doable. It's a little riskier than other moneymakers, since it does require some skill rather than just grinding in order to get to the appropriate level. 

FWIW, I am averaging right around 8500-9000 points per game. I have never broken 10,000.

The first goal should be doable for most anyone who can get to ~8000 or so, as you get a lot of games to try to win 5. If you don't play solitaire, you can start with the free/gem games to see if your scores are high enough for this one. See below for screenshots of games; there is one in which a score of 7064 would have been enough for first place.  

What I did was deposit the $10 as it requires, as well as use someone's referral code (thank you kind Redditor on r/swagbucks!) to get another $10. 

Note: It will credit the referral code after you've killed the game and reopened it; it pops up various offers when you restart the app, along with a "you have $10 bonus for using a code" popup. It might require a few plays too, I'm not sure. Either way, it wasn't immediate, but it worked. If your code is bad, it says it's expired or invalid, so keep trying codes until it says it's good, and then restart the app a few times and/or play a few games.

With the $20, I played 30 games, out of which I placed first in 5. I still had about $9 left over. After I went through that, I had won 11, so I put in another $14, which got me $20 more because of a bonus. I got to the 15 with $10 left.

The 45-game goal will either have me break even or slightly lose money, because it's 30 games for 4000SB, but the next ones are 60 (15 more games) for 3000 and 70 (10 more games) for 4000, so if you hang in there, you should be good. 

ANNOYING TWIST: The game profile keeps track of the number of "games won." This counts only cash games, but it does count any games in which you placed and banked any cash. The Swagbucks offer counts first-place wins only. So you will need to make a notes file counting you first-place wins. I recommend keeping track by date, as this is how the results tab is organized, so it will keep you from having to go back to the beginning every time and count up your first-place wins.

WHEN IT PENDS: The initial 0 SB for installing it pended within hours. I installed the game by snapping the QR code on the laptop with my phone. The five games pended about 36 hours after I won the fifth. The 15 pended within minutes of winning the 15.

Here are examples of score breakdowns and winning scores:

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