Monday, December 14, 2020

Lands End is having massive sale on everything

Winter boots are $25 for kids, $35 for adults. Terry robes are $35. Sale is obvious; it pops up and tells you what code to use to get the price.

Don't forget to enter the site through Swagbucks to get 8% cash back. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

ATTENTION: Payless Shoes is back in business!

This may be some of the best news ever for broke folks.

Today and tomorrow they have the canvas Converse-All-Star knockoffs for $9.99 in kids' and adults' sizes.

They don't seem to have snow boots or rain boots in any size. They do have some good-looking plain sandals on good clearances prices for anyone looking to stock up for next year.

The also seem to have less of the stuff cartoons puked all over. Hopefully this continues?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Huge $55-$110 Money Maker on Swagbucks

The Billionaire Casino/Huuuge Casino games will each give you $55 in free money within a week or so.

Download the games through the link on the Swagbucks site. They are the same game, just rebranded, so you can play two of them on one device/Swagbucks account and get $110. 

Go to the Reddit Swagbucks forum and search for "billionaire" and/or "huuuge" and you will find tutorials for how to do beat the game. This is probably the best comprehensive one. You don't need to spend real money though, regardless of what they say. You want to spend your first day leveling up on slot machines. If you run out of chips, go to the Huuuge and Billionaire Facebook and Twitter pages and click on their free chips offers. You can usually go back about 10 days before it says "sorry, this offer is expired." Use Facebook and Twitter on the same device as the games. The Twitter links will appear to be links to get the app. Click anyway, and it will take you into the app and give you the chips. 

Once you get to level 65, you then want to bid 10 million per turn on roulette. Go into the highest roulette game, hold down on the game until you see "create a private game," so you can spin faster and don't have to worry about other people. You can put 5 million on red and 5 million on black. Don't worry about putting a small amount on green; it still works out the same, where you get the 10 million back most turns and lose it 1/17 turns.

When I played, it was doing the "build a casino" game-in-game. You don't have to do anything with this. Once you have enough stuff and it says "upgrade," you go in there and click, and it gives you millions of chips. I almost skipped it, thinking "upgrade" meant I had to pay something.

Also, be sure to join a club. Follow that tutorial above for doing a custom search for a level 20 club. You'll get 50-100 million chips a day or so just from the club.

When you're in the higher levels, it takes longer to level up. Do the roulette while you do something else. I got to level 120 in a couple days of not playing very much, then did 10 levels on roulette per day. It sends you an e-mail saying it's going to credit once you're at 150. I did not spend any money or use an auto clicker.