Sunday, July 10, 2022

Club Vegas Slots on Swagbucks: $60-70 without having to buy anything

I downloaded the game at around 10am on Friday June 24, got to Level 90 in the evening of Friday July 8, and it showed as pending within a minute or so after leveling up. The fine print on Swagbucks says "must reach Level 100 within 10 days," but people on Reddit were saying it would pend late, and actually only requires Level 90.

I did it on an iPhone by the "e-mail the link to yourself" option, and allowed the app to track me. I'm going to leave the tracking on until the offer credits.

The game isn't entirely passive and does require you to look over and click every so often, but it's super mindless and definitely something you can do while on a Zoom call, supervising kids, etc.


1) Join the club with the best stats right away. Depending how your club does, you may want to quit your club and try to join another once you hit level 25 or 50. You do have to wait 20 hours to join another club, so be careful. If your club is hitting the club challenge most days and getting you the 8mil-12mil, it's probably fine to stay. You will get coins from the club challenges once per day, the league ranking thing (every few days? weekly? not sure), and you can harvest coins from the club newsfeed by liking people's posts.

2) Friend 200 people (the maximum) ASAP. Tons of people will send free coins to their friend list all the time, and you get a daily bonus for having friends. You can click on people in your club and friend them, as well as click on people at tables and friend them.

3) Connect the game to Facebook. Use a burner account to make it easier. This makes you a "VIP" and gets you more free coins. Every time you get a mega or epic win, click the "share" button and you'll get 100,000-5million coins in your inbox. It credits even if it's a simple "share" button vs. the "share on Facebook to get coins" button. If it isn't a burner account, change each post to "only me" rather than "public" or "friends" so you don't annoy people. Or, I guess you could create a Facebook post just for Swagbucks purposes, and people could click on each other's posts to get free coins. I'm not much of a Facebook person, but I'm guessing there are groups for the game, so you could find friends there. Also, go to the Club Vegas Slots Facebook page every day and click for 300,000 free coins.

4) Do the daily/master/expert challenges as they show up. Use slots that allow low bets (Triple 7s, and others that show up in the daily free spins) to complete the items that require a total number of spins or number of wins. Don't make a purchase unless you're really stuck and you know you can get to Level 90 within 14 days or so. Oh, and the wolf game with the party bonus can be a good one for cranking out wins, but the party bonus games don't count as free games. There are a couple others with party bonus, and they don't count either. The Spin of Fortune one and most others do count as free games.

5) In general, don't bet more than 1% of your total coins. Betting more will use up your coins too fast before you have a chance to hit many wins or free games. The game levels up based on how many coins you're betting. Free games don't count, but obviously you want to play as many as possible so you have coins to spend.

6) As far as I can tell, there aren't slots that "do better" than others in terms of winning and/or free games. The official FAQ says the slots use a random number generator to determine the odds. It's unclear whether the odds remain per turn, for a certain block of time, a certain number of wins, or for the entire length you stay in the slot. I am leaning toward thinking it's for a certain block of time. I typically go into a slot, spin 10-20 times at a low bet, and if I'm not getting free games or wins by then, I leave. If it's doing well, I increase the bid up to 1-10%, and I stay as long as it's still doing well. It will tend to hit a ton of free games and mega/epic wins, then it will drop off fairly suddenly, which is when you leave.

7) Collect the time bonus coins as soon as you're able. Set alarms if you have work to do and can't actually play the game, but can click in every 20 minutes just to click the bonus coins. If you have the time, watch the videos as well to get the extra coins. The time bonus coins will get you the lucky spins, which gets you daily challenge points, free coins, and sometimes leads you to a slot that's set for a ton of wins. If it's winning, stay there and spend some coins. If not, leave.

8) Some of the side quests get you coins quickly. Others are a waste of time. The epic album is a good way to get gems.

9) The gems can be used to buy free spins once you have 150 or so. Go into games and there's a price at the bottom to buy free spins. You can click left if the default requires 2000 coins or something, and if it's a game that allows lower bids, there will be one for 150-180 gems. 

10) The Super Buffalo game is hilarious. Play with sound on and thank me later.

11) The good folks at r/SwagBucks have probably answered most questions people might have about this game, or feel free to leave me a comment and ask.

As usual, if you don't have Swagbucks yet, please click through on my Swagbucks label and use my referral link. Thanks!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

I have HelloFresh boxes to give away again EDIT: TAKEN

I have three free-box codes to give away. 

All have been taken. Thanks!

If you are looking for more, freefood often has people post them. Unfortunately most people post pictures of the actual codes, so you have to try them and have no idea if they've been used. People of the internet, please don't do this. Please ask people to comment or message you to get a code. 


HelloFresh does do vegetarian, doesn't technically do vegan but many receipes are close to vegan with a dairy garnish that can be left off or substituted. The boxes are typically just measured raw ingredients with the rare premade sauce or similar, so you can adjust for allergies, dietary needs, seasoning level.  

You get to pick the meals you receive from a weekly offering of a dozen or so choices. They have a decent variety of Tex-Mex, pan-Asian, Middle-Eastern, Italian-American, upscale American pub fare, and similar.

They are unfortunately almost all hot meals that require access to a stove and oven, so they may not work for people who do not have access to cooking facilities, though check the recipes, as there may still be tortillas, vegetables, cheese, etc. that can be eaten as-is. 

How the free boxes work:

  • The e-mail address you are using cannot have a current or past HelloFresh account associated with it, including having redeemed freebies. You will be signing up for a subscription, which you are going to cancel in about a week. 
  • You will pay $9.99 in shipping. You need a credit or debit card that can be charged. I recommend using a prepaid gift card (if you do Swagbucks, you probably have many Visa cards for $10, $20, etc.) so you don't risk it charging your actual accounts. The cards say $8.99 in shipping, but free boxes have been coming up at $9.99 lately, so it will likely be $9.99.
  • It looks like you can actually get any size box, so you could get three meal kits for six people each. I am not positive this works all the way to checkout though, and have personally only redeemed these for three meals per week for two people. Still, that's a lot of groceries for $10.
  • Immediately after you place the order, skip the next few weeks to make sure you aren't charged, then cancel once your box arrives. This doesn't violate the terms, and they even have a cancellation reason of "I was using a free offer" because they know. This company will allow you to cancel on the website without engaging with a human. 
  • Signing up may or may not get you Swagbucks depending if you've redeemed a Hello Fresh offer in the recent past. If it does, your HelloFresh box ends up being -$20 or something. Pretty amazing.

First three people to comment with an e-mail address where I can send the codes each get one. Preference for people who are struggling right now, but I don't require proof.

If you don't already have a Swagbucks account, please consider "repaying" me by signing up under my referral link,, and getting cash back for HelloFresh. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Method cleaning products misled and deceived me


Friday, March 18, 2022

Almonds defrauded me


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Why do places think struggling people can bring materials in-person and do phone calls when no one else is expected to?

So I'm trying to apply for LIHEAP/fuel assistance. It's a great program, and I'm glad it exists; don't get me wrong. But come on, what year is it? 

ABCD does have an online portal for applications, though it was hard to find, as most of their e-mails and materials only have physical addresses and phone numbers. It's on this page, about halfway down.

The portal lets you register, then says it doesn't work if you've applied previously but didn't apply last year thus don't have a PIN. There is no way to reset this and have one e-mailed or texted. It says if you don't have a PIN to come in to the office or call. Also it doesn't appear to be a self-selected PIN where I would have it in my records. I can log into the IRS and access really sensitive information, since it lets you self-select, but not fuel assistance. Also, can I mention that the IRS, which is a notoriously "difficult" agency, but which deals with people of all income levels, does not require me to speak to anyone on the phone, go anywhere, or physically mail anything?* (*In general; I recognize there are sometimes situations in which people cannot e-file, though the IRS does accept faxed returns and documents). 

People realize that struggling folks in particular aren't going to be able to make phone calls during business hours or go into a place during business hours or ever, right? Also that there's still a pandemic and we're supposed to be minimizing unnecessary comings and goings in offices and such?

It's 2022, and we're approaching the third year in which we're in pandemic mode. 

Why can't this just be done online? Why can't this be set up by now that people can do it wherever they are, at 2am when they're finally free of work or caregiving responsibilities?

I did find an e-mail for them, though it was a generic "contact" one, and I e-mailed them asking if they can reset the portal. I'll update whether this happens. Also, I should mention that the go-into-the-office option assumes that poor people, or any people, have printers at home. I went through this last time, which I think was why I didn't end up applying. "You can bring the originals and we'll copy them." No Susan, "the originals" of my bills and financial documents are online, like most people's. 

EDIT 03/02/22: Someone at ABCD called me during business hours in response to my e-mail in which I explained that I can't take phone calls during business hours because of caregiving responsibilities. The person ignored me when I mentioned that I'd sent an e-mail asking to deal with this via e-mail since I can't take calls. There is no way to e-mail or upload documents. They require low-income families to have a printer or go pay for printing and mail the documents or bring them in. In 2022. They also don't seem to know there's a pandemic. They have e-mail, but said I can't e-mail the documents. "That's not our setup." 

I guess this becomes another year in which I'm eligible for fuel assistance but can't actually receive any.

EDIT 03/07/22: They're now willing to take the application via e-mail, but this was accomplished by calling me, insisting a "telephone interview" was needed, then when I said I really couldn't talk and needed them to e-mail me (was meeting with a healthcare worker at the moment, you know, the people who ding poor folks for "taking phone calls" rather than being available and attentive), said "OK I guess we'll just not be able to update your information and will have to go with the old information then." I now have the forms and am able to update them myself and e-mail them back along with my proofs of income. But why is this confusing in freakin 2022? People keep all different hours, and disabled people who don't communicate well or at all verbally are increasingly raising children and are heads of households. Can we not just have "don't call me" be one of the standard options for all the many folks who need this? (Especially when our families and our parenting are constantly judged by middle-class folks who don't have to use the phone to deal with their bills and affairs and will say they had no idea anyone gets phone calls these days that aren't spam.)


Oh, and this morning, I e-mailed a durable medical equipment provider for my family member. They responded, I responded, and then they called me just to say they had done what I requested and it was all set. An auto-confirmation thing was sitting in my inbox as I picked up the phone. I literally picked it up while in the zoom waiting room for a healthcare provider for my family member, 30 seconds before the appointment started, thinking there must be some problem where they needed verbal authorization or something. Nope, just a call saying the same thing as the e-mail. Why do people think I want to pick up the phone and talk to someone when I've been e-mailing them?!

Hey, I appreciate that phone support is available, since some people need this for various reasons. But this default-to-phone thing needs to stop. Text options need to be provided for deaf/Deaf/HOH folks, folks who might have a hard time with calls due to anxiety or autism or similar, folks who can't get to somewhere to make a private call about sensitive issues, working folks, folks with caregiving responsibilities, folks who can't do business during "business" hours, and I'm sure plenty of others. Oh, not to mention people who want a paper trail of their communications; I'm convinced this is really one of the primary reasons places want to insist on using the phone. But really, text-based-as-default would make it easier for businesses too -- don't you want a paper trail of whether your people did their jobs, and whether a irate customer is telling the truth or is making up some entitled-ass story?

I'm really hoping the next version of the Americans with Disabilities Act specifically spells out that businesses are required to have an e-mail/text/chat portal function for communicating with them. I continue to just be in awe that this isn't universal by this point. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Fiber supplements deceived me