Monday, December 14, 2020

Lands End is having massive sale on everything

Winter boots are $25 for kids, $35 for adults. Terry robes are $35. Sale is obvious; it pops up and tells you what code to use to get the price.

Don't forget to enter the site through Swagbucks to get 8% cash back. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

ATTENTION: Payless Shoes is back in business!

This may be some of the best news ever for broke folks.

Today and tomorrow they have the canvas Converse-All-Star knockoffs for $9.99 in kids' and adults' sizes.

They don't seem to have snow boots or rain boots in any size. They do have some good-looking plain sandals on good clearances prices for anyone looking to stock up for next year.

The also seem to have less of the stuff cartoons puked all over. Hopefully this continues?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Huge $55-$110 Money Maker on Swagbucks

The Billionaire Casino/Huuuge Casino games will each give you $55 in free money within a week or so.

Download the games through the link on the Swagbucks site. They are the same game, just rebranded, so you can play two of them on one device/Swagbucks account and get $110. 

Go to the Reddit Swagbucks forum and search for "billionaire" and/or "huuuge" and you will find tutorials for how to do beat the game. This is probably the best comprehensive one. You don't need to spend real money though, regardless of what they say. You want to spend your first day leveling up on slot machines. If you run out of chips, go to the Huuuge and Billionaire Facebook and Twitter pages and click on their free chips offers. You can usually go back about 10 days before it says "sorry, this offer is expired." Use Facebook and Twitter on the same device as the games. The Twitter links will appear to be links to get the app. Click anyway, and it will take you into the app and give you the chips. 

Once you get to level 65, you then want to bid 10 million per turn on roulette. Go into the highest roulette game, hold down on the game until you see "create a private game," so you can spin faster and don't have to worry about other people. You can put 5 million on red and 5 million on black. Don't worry about putting a small amount on green; it still works out the same, where you get the 10 million back most turns and lose it 1/17 turns.

When I played, it was doing the "build a casino" game-in-game. You don't have to do anything with this. Once you have enough stuff and it says "upgrade," you go in there and click, and it gives you millions of chips. I almost skipped it, thinking "upgrade" meant I had to pay something.

Also, be sure to join a club. Follow that tutorial above for doing a custom search for a level 20 club. You'll get 50-100 million chips a day or so just from the club.

When you're in the higher levels, it takes longer to level up. Do the roulette while you do something else. I got to level 120 in a couple days of not playing very much, then did 10 levels on roulette per day. It sends you an e-mail saying it's going to credit once you're at 150. I did not spend any money or use an auto clicker.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Old Navy has winter jackets for $16-18 today only

Click here. They also have $10 jeans, though not many options.

Also make sure to get 2% back in Swagbucks.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Pop Slots on Swagbucks: free $25 for doing pretty much nothing

The offer is here for 2500 SB. I also saw it kicking around for 2986 or some odd number of SB, but I can't find it. EDIT: Here is the link for 2960 SB.

Go there, download the game. I made sure to go to Swagbucks on the phone browser, thinking this might help make sure it was tracked correctly. Nothing showed on Swagbucks at all for a few days, then I got an e-mail saying I had completed the offer and my SB would be pending.

Completing Level 27 on the game is very easy. The game awards XP for every slot machine win, proportionate to the amount of the win. Go to the Pop Slots Facebook and Twitter page, click into their posts, and pretty much every one has a link that will give you between 500,000 and 2,000,000 chips or coins or whatever they are. Then go to a slot machine, place the maximum bid, put it on auto spin until you run out of money. As you level up, the maximum bids go up, so go in and increase them. You unfortunately can't play this completely passively as far as I know, as the games will go into bonus rounds that require clicking to accept the coins you win after it finishes. I got to Level 26 in probably a total of two hours playing, which I was able to do while working on other things since I just had to click "accept" any time I glanced over and saw a bonus round had finished.

The game also earns you points that give you fairly substantial coupons for hotel stays and bus tours and other travel-related items. I assume the companies are all owned by the same folks. I didn't look too closely, but it looks like they are likely good deals if these were things you already planned on purchasing.

The game itself is a bit boring, though it's also aesthetically pleasing and doesn't have ads. (I mean, aside from how the whole thing is an advertisement.)

Friday, February 21, 2020

Completely free HelloFresh boxes

HelloFresh is back on Swagbucks. You get 1000 Swagbucks for signing up for a plan that includes a percentage off your first several boxes. If you pick two meals per week for two people, the first box ends up being $10.95 including shipping ($40 off). The next box is $30 off, so, $20.95. Then the next two are $10 off, so $40.95.

I set my HelloFresh to send me the first box right away and paid $10.95. Then I skipped several weeks. My Swagbucks credited, which means I got the box for free, or actually a negative dollar or so. (You can redeem Swagbucks to get a $25 Visa gift card for 2175 SB, and then add the $25 to your Amazon account which gets you $25.50, which means 1000 SB = $11.70 using them this way.)

You know how I've mentioned that the cat is an asshole? And how the cat is such an asshole that I made a label just for all the times the cat shows up and bothers things that I'm trying to blog? Well, the cat is an asshole. Seriously cat, no one said you could go and stand on the HelloFresh box and make a judgy face like that.

If you don't already use Swagbucks, my referral link is:

When I signed up for HelloFresh, it gave me four free boxes (six meals each box) to send to other people. They are actually free, including shipping. You will need a credit/debit card (I suggest one of the Swagbucks Visa gift cards for these sorts of subscription things so you aren't risking it charging your actual bank account) on which it can run a pending charge of a dollar. I still have two free boxes left to send to people. Note: When you click on the e-mail to redeem the offer, it will commit you to receiving the free box for the upcoming week, so don't click yet if you have other plans for next week, and check out the menus here to make sure there are things you want.

First two people to comment with an e-mail address to which I can send an invite will get a free box of six meals. 

Preference for people who are struggling to afford food, can't get benefits or enough benefits, etc. I won't require proof, but please be honest.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Where to find the 1095-A on the MA Health Connector website

After spending 15 minutes clicking around on the Health Connector website and not being able to find it, I googled it, and found that 1) it's hidden away in a weird location and 2) these lovely folks were kind enough to make a tutorial for how to find your 1095-A.

I now return to my regularly scheduled activity of spending all day entering information on TaxSlayer due to having had Masshealth most of the year, a connector plan for a couple months here and there, and a plan from a job for a few months. Can we get a single-payer system already?

Monday, January 13, 2020

Inflating prices on eBay surprisingly works

I've had several items on eBay for months. These have been either lots of well-loved clothing or barely-worn clothing, some individual clothing items, and some random household goods. A lot of these are items I would be just fine donating, but have put up on eBay first to see what happens.

A few days ago I started messing around and experimenting with prices and shipping. I switched several things to free shipping, which does tend to make them sell better, but then I need to make sure the price is high enough to cover the shipping in case the purchaser lives on the west coast.

One of my items was a pair of kids' shoes from Primark, worn once. If you're familiar with Primark, you know it's like a cheap version of H&M. The selection is completely random and it's not the place to go if you're looking for a specific item, but it's a good place to stock up, especially for growing kids or if you have relatives who move here from a climate that means they don't own anything for weather below 60 degrees.

I bought the shoes for I think $2.99. I had them priced on eBay for $1.99 with calculated first-class shipping. They had a number of views and watchers, but no buyers. I saw the "send offer to buyers" suggestion, and decided to have some fun.

I set the price to $22.99 with free shipping. (They should cost a maximum of about $5 to ship.) I then sent out an offer to the four watchers, offering them the shoes for $15.99 with free shipping.

Within five minutes, someone bought the shoes for $15.99. Which they had been watching at $2.99. Amazing.

I then tried this with another item, a board game that had been used a couple times and was in good condition. I had it listed at $4.99 plus calculated shipping ($7-10 depending on zone). It retails for $25. I jacked it up to $55 and free shipping. I then sent offers for $50. Again, someone bought it within minutes, for nearly twice the retail price.

I'm not gonna even feel bad about it.