Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bing Rewards seems better than Swagbucks so far

I’ve been playing around with Bing Rewards, which so far seems a bit better than Swagbucks. They’re similar type things, except that Bing will let you have up to 40 credits (roughly the same worth as 40 Swagbucks) per day from searching, and it makes it clear how many searches you need to do on your particular level to get credits from searching. Swagbucks, on the other hand, gives out credits for search randomly, and mostly relies on codes and scammy offers to earn bucks. Bing Rewards is much simpler and just has credits for search and a couple of articles to click on each day and earn 1 credit each.

Bing Rewards certainly seems to send the rewards faster; it’s generally taken less than a day to get an Amazon gift card. This is definitely a plus. It also has the option of trading in the same amount of credits for either a $5 Amazon gift card or 500 Swagbucks. As we lovers of free stuff know, 500 Swagbucks is more than a $5 Amazon gift card, but I’m not sure it’s worth it to wait the week or so to get the card through Swagbucks.

I do plan to keep my Swagbucks account around, because I enjoy earning credits for things like purchases I was already planning on making, redeeming coupons from, and so forth. But I’m thinking I’ll switch to Bing Rewards for my default search engine. Er, unless I want to actually find anything, in which case I’ll keep using google. So, yeah, if you want to try Bing Rewards, go sign up using my referrer link and we can each buy our families some supplies.