Monday, November 25, 2019

Swagbucks said they credited me for the Capital One offer, except they didn't

UPDATE 11/25/19: I made a support request on the Swagbucks website with a screenshot of the BBB complaint stating I was to receive 5000 SB. They did credit me. Finally. So all in all I will say that making a BBB complaint works when SB fails to credit for offers. 

Remember that time when I applied for a credit card via Swagbucks, was given a card with 0% interest and a huge limit, my credit score went down because of it, and Swagbucks refused to credit me?

I mentioned this on Reddit, and a nice redditor by the name of u/Elite49 told me that Swagbucks actually cares about their Better Business Bureau rating and will respond to complaints. It turns out this is largely correct, as Swagbucks/Prodege LLC did in fact respond to my complaint and told me I had been credited the 5000SB.

Except they didn't actually credit me. I responded to the BBB complaint and said I was never credited. More than a week later, I've heard nothing back. Now I'm going full circle (or I'm running in circles -- not sure which) and have made a Swagbucks complaint stating that they claimed on the BBB website that they would credit me. We'll see.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Those times when scraping is an advantage

OK, so, when something from a nice brand in the original box comes into my home (hey, it happens sometimes -- online closeouts, eBay, new or close-to-new stuff at thrift stores, TJMaxx, etc.), and I need to save it for a birthday or whatever, I've discovered I actually don't even need to hide it aside from just sticking it on a shelf.

People in this house see a box with a brand name on it and the last thing they assume is that anyone here bought any such thing. They just figure someone gave me something in that box and I saved it, or I rescued some out of the building's recycling or someone packed my items in it at a garage sale or something. #winning