Sunday, July 18, 2021

Outschool's referral program is getting even better

It looks like they now give $20 in Outschool credit for every parent who signs up using someone's referral link, and $200 in cash for every teacher who signs up and earns their first $100. The new signup also gets immediate credit, so you can send your link to your friends and they get free Outschool classes and you get free credit. No idea how long this will last, since it's pyramid-schemey, but might as well take advantage right now, right? 

My Outschool referral link is here. Get your kids free classes, and get my kids free classes!

I have heard that the new referral program still sucks for teachers who don't have kids, since they get class credits they can't use. Hopefully they will fix this issue. Also, the word on the street is that teaching is simple and pretty lucrative if you're someone with experience and people skills, but people who value their sanity will probably want to teach hobby courses rather than academic topics, as Outschool has its share of right-wing parents who complain about everything, and they always side with families.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Swagbucks seems to be sucking again

Desktop surveys is full of the ones that collect your usable data for 10-15 minutes, then say you aren't eligible. It looks like support is no longer addressing these tickets or removing the scammers (even if you put "survey error" in the heading) and is just replying with a form letter explaining how disqualification works.

Bad Swago is up right now. Meh.

There aren't a lot of great Discover offers either.

It's still worth having it logged in for the cash back on online purchases, but there doesn't seem to be much worth spending a lot of time on at the moment.