Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My free wine is here!

Does all this wine make me look like an adult?
The free wine showed up today. It took a week to get here from California with no shipping fee, so not bad at all. Oh, plus it was free; it could take a damn year to get here and that would be fine with me.

It comes via FedEx ground, and it's in a sturdy box with a convenient carrying handle. Being me, the first thing I thought was that this will be great for shipping fragile stuff I sell on eBay. It also occurred to me to sell the wine on eBay. But I digress.

For now, the wine is hanging out in my cabinet, making people think I'm the sort of person who owns wine that didn't come from Trader Joe's. Except that anyone who comes to my house clearly would know that that's not the case, and it must have been free or a gift or something. Once this wine has done its job of making me more and more classy and refined just just by existing in my living space, I probably will use the stash to have something nice to take to friends' houses and whatnot. If any of my friends are reading this, rest assured that the wine I will bring over to your house will be custom-selected for you and your event, and any similarity to the free wine is entirely coincidental.

They spelled wine wrong
I cancelled the Club W membership once the wine arrived. It was super easy to do. You can even do it over the text chat feature on the website without having to use the phone. Of course there was a tiny bit of pressure to keep the service, but the gentleman I spoke with (Ameer) was understanding and professional.

BTW, the free wine offer is still up on Swagbucks for anyone who hasn't ordered theirs yet. At the risk of sounding gimmicky, go order yours now, because it probably won't be up for long.

EDIT: FYI, the wine deal is now under "featured ways to earn" as of Wednesday

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