Monday, August 8, 2016

Because I didn't have enough of these pyramid scheme things going on

It's fine, but I'm just not finding it as exciting as these folks are
On the advice of some people on Reddit, I'm trying out EarnHoney now. Folks there are saying that it makes more money passively than Perk TV or Swagbucks TV, so I'm going to try running it on the computer that sits around being mostly unused. It seems to use less processor power do a lot less freezing and crashing than the Perk TV website does, so maybe it will earn more. Oh, and they offer $5 PayPal payouts for the same amount of points bucks honeys? same exchange rate as $5 Amazon gift cards; the other sites all charge more for PayPal or other same-as-cash redemption.

On that topic, thank you to everyone who is signing up for these sites using my referral links! It's helping me out immensely. To find them, just click on Swagbucks, PerkTV, etc. in my labels sidebar and find the posts where I include my referral links. Or comment and I'll reply.

Is it bad that I looked on Craigslist to see what there was in the way of free computers? And, naturally, I found people giving away computers that are newer and faster than my 10-year-old steam-powered laptop. It's tempting, but we live in a pretty small space, and I really don't have anywhere to put a computer farm that wouldn't be cluttering up our living space, especially since what I'm finding are towers with CRT monitors. If anyone knows anything about phones though, I would be open to setting up some phones to run Perk apps. I don't really understand what the specs on phones mean and what would be necessary to run the apps. All I know is that my five-year-old iPhone will run it, and an even older iPod I have will run it for a bit and then crash, but even those aren't worthless enough that anyone is giving them away. It sounds like from Reddit that people are using various Android phones that they're getting for free or a few dollars, but knowing me, I'd get something that won't actually run it.

If you want to show your appreciation for my getting you hooked on these gift card apps, e-mail or comment and explain phones to me!