Friday, August 12, 2016

I seem to have a shitload of cucumbers

Cucumbers neatly lined up (bottle of free wine for scale)
So, I don't really know how growing stuff works, other than that you put seeds in dirt, water it, and it works maybe 50% of the time.

Apparently my cucumbers decided to do really well this year. We've been getting a harvest like this every couple of days. If you live on my street and wonder why there were cucumbers in your mailbox, you're welcome. Of course they had to go and do a lot better than the more versatile things we planted (squashes, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, okra, collards...). Not that I'm complaining, but I have a feeling I'm going to end up spending more to buy things to use up the cucumbers than I saved by growing food myself.

All of us in Chez Scraper really like cucumbers, but the one downside is that is that most everything you can make with them is pretty much completely devoid of calories, which doesn't really work as an entire meal for kids. Cucumbers are not like most vegetables where you can make stir fries, pasta, burritos, etc. with them. A few weeks ago I made cucumber maki rolls, which was enough for a standalone meal. It still only used up one cucumber for the entire family though; they're mostly rice. We made cucumber/watermelon/basil/mint salad all from our garden, which was delicious but not an entire meal for growing kids, so we served it with some hummus, bread, and grilled veggies. We've done some salads with more substance to them too -- green salads with salad dressing and canned beans, and a salad of cucumbers/peppers/chickpeas/olives. This weekend I'll probably buy some grains that work with cold salads and do some of that. Or maybe I'll ask the internet how to make pickles? Hm, I wonder if you can make cucumber kimchi...

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