Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lots of stacked coupon deals at Stop and Shop right now

$32.73 for everything you see here
Stop and Shop has certainly been making the stacked deals easier lately. So, if you haven't already done this, you can go to their website and register your Stop and Shop card, and then you can load coupons onto it. This is a feature they've had for a while. Over the past couple of months though, they've been featuring the same coupons that coupons.com has. This means you can use the Stop and Shop card and the paper coupon together, resulting in twice the savings (or 3x if the coupon is 99 cents or less).

At the moment, many of these same coupons are also on SavingStar. Depending on the price of the item, it can be free or close to free after you use all three coupons on one item. Some examples that are currently active:

General Mills Tiny Toast cereal:
rings up as $3.00 (on sale until Friday, normal price $3.99)
-$1.00 Stop and Shop coupon
-$1.00 Coupons.com paper coupon
-$1.00 SavingStar rebate =
...come on, you can do the math here. Free cereal, beeotch!

Cascadian Farms Granola:

Same price, same coupons, same deal. Also free!  

Other cereals had higher shelf prices or smaller coupons, so they ended up being 50 cents or a dollar per box. 

Old El Paso vegetarian refried beans:

rings up as $0.74 (they're being discontinued at S&S, usually $1.69) x 3 = $2.22
-$1.00 on any three items Stop and Shop coupon
-$1.00 on any three items Coupons.com paper coupon
-$1.00 on any three items SavingStar rebate
= -$0.78 for the three cans

Note: They only had one can on the shelf, so I ended up getting two 99-cent taco seasonings and the one can, so it was -$0.28 instead of -$0.78. Still, um, I'd say that's a good deal.

Totino's Pizza Rolls (big package):

3/$10 (on sale until Friday, usually $5.19 each)
-$0.75 off of three Stop and Shop coupon
-$0.75 off of three Coupons.com coupon
-$0.75 doubled coupon
-$0.75 SavingStar rebate
= 3 large packages of pizza rolls for $7.00 instead of $15.57

Purex laundry detergent 150oz:

I did this over two trips, so there are only two bottles shown, but here's how to get the best deal:

On sale for $5.99 (on sale until Friday, usually $9.99)
Bought three of them, used three dollar-off coupons from their website
SavingStar rebate: $5 off $25 purchase (it goes by the full price, not the sale price)
SavingStar rebate: $1 off any Purex purchase (it will credit both rebates)
Pay $14.97, get $6 back
= $8.97 instead of $29.97 for three jugs of detergent

Oh, and I'll earn $1.50 wotth of Swagbucks for the 15 Coupons.com coupons that I printed through the Swagbucks site. It takes 2-3 months for them to credit, but since I regularly use coupons from there, I see the deposits showing up regularly. Total of $32.73 includes SavingStar rebate, iBotta rebate, and Swagbucks.

Have I mentioned that the cat is an asshole?! I may need to make a label for that.

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