Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WTHDIDWTV: Sweet potatoes, kale, onions, cucumbers

Hey where'd I go? I just logged in on the computer after a month or so of not doing so, and I realized that I screwed up some setting and was sending all my posts from mobile into a drafts folder instead of publishing them. I guess it's not much of a blog if people can't see it, hm?

So, here I am. Um, I made some stuff with produce from Fair Foods and our tiny garden. We had a bunch of sweet potatoes and kale. I sauteed them with onions and herbs from our garden, then made a thing. I'm unsure whether it's a quiche, frittata, stratta, omelette, casserole, or what. And the sites google pulled up about what these are didn't agree with each other. So it's just going to be a thing.

This thing was incredibly easy to make. Just pour veggies, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, and seasonings into a large flat pan, then bake until done. The cottage cheese is optional; I got several big containers of it from couponing last week. If you don't like cottage cheese, don't worry, as long as you do like dairy products and soft cheeses in general; when you put it in something that cooks at a high temperature, it melts completely, and it's indistinguishable from ricotta, cream cheese, or other dairy products that you might use in this way. This works in lasagne and stuffed shells too. And of course, I served it with cucumbers, because our garden is producing them like crazy with no end in sight.

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