Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Uber Swagbucks offer: $12 in a couple of minutes, $90 if you work a bit harder

I just decided to check out the Uber offer that's been kicking around Swagbucks. It's listed at 9250 SB, but I clicked through and saw that it's 1250 just for signing up, then 8000 for your first ride, so I tried it. I entered my information on the Uber site and uploaded my driver's license. I usually don't give personal information to Swagbucks signup things when I've never heard of the company or it screams gimmick, but Uber is a reputable company, so I didn't mind. The next step was to upload my insurance information, which I wasn't willing to do since it has an exclusion for any paid ride-sharing service, and I'm not about to get my insurance cancelled. So I gave up.

Then I went back to Swagbucks and saw that it had credited me the 1250. Nice.

For those who don't speak Swagbucks, that's $12.50 in Amazon gift cards.

If your insurance doesn't exclude this type of use, you could have a friend take the ride so you don't have to actually be an Uber driver. Or if you know someone who drives for Uber and has the proper insurance rider, you could probably register using their car (I haven't checked whether two people can use the same vehicle).

Oh, and, obviously, if you want to sign up for Swagbucks to get a free $12.50, use my referral link, and then I can also get some Amazon gift cards. I'm currently saving up for a math textbook one of my kids needs.

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