Friday, September 23, 2016

WTHDIDWTV: Sweet potatoes, kale, corn, zucchini

Tacos! Who doesn't love tacos? I'm a big fan both of the fast-food Tex-Mex type and the more authentic type; I just think of them as pretty much completely different foods.

Today I made the Mexican type with stuff I had around the house. The cost was about a dollar to feed the whole family with some leftovers.

I had tortillas that I got free with coupons. They're Old El Paso, which are overly processed and kind of gross, but they were free. I had sauteed kale and sweet potatoes from the other day, which were from Fair Foods. I had zucchini from my garden and corn that someone gave us, which I also sauteed together. It was huge zucchini full of large pumpkin-like seeds, which I left in and cooked as-is, since these seeds roast up nicely and are often included in Latin food. The kale and sweet potatoes were generically seasoned since I used half of the batch in my quiche fritatta whatever thing the other day, and the corn and zucchini I cooked up with a lot of hot peppers and fajita-type seasoning, intending to use them just for this. I added canned kidney beans I got for a few cents with coupons, and some sour cream that I got with a coupon. Good stuff.

For dessert we had cucumbers.

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