Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tons of free and cheap stuff at Stop and Shop, much of it ends tonight

I had stopped couponing very much, back when I was working more and had fewer expenses, because it was getting so it wasn't worth a couple hours of my time to save $20 or so. Now though, it's absolutely worth it, given that I have more time than money. I'm also thinking I need to get back to stockpiling pantry goods, since there are going to continue to be expenses from the issue we dealt with back in the winter, and who knows how broke we're going to end up.

Last night I looked at some couponing sites and found that Stop and Shop's eCoupon program has many of the same coupons as does right now. This means you can use both coupons on the same item, and if the manufacturer's coupon is 99 cents or less, Stop and Shop will double that one.

Here's how to do it. Go here and register your Stop and Shop card. Then pick the coupons you want to add to your card. It's free and doesn't require printing anything, so just add them all, unless there's something you absolutely would never buy for religious reasons or whatnot. Remember that some items might end up costing negative money, so you may still want to buy them to donate.

Then find the item price, subtract the amount of the Stop and Shop coupon, subtract the amount of the coupon (double it if 99 cents or less), and that's the price you'll pay for the item. Prices of items are often on, or for some items, you'll have to calculate the deal in the store to see if it's worth it.

Here are some that I used last night:

Silk cashew milk half gallon
$3.99 shelf price
$2.99 sale price
-$0.75 Stop and Shop eCoupon
-$1.50 doubled coupon
= $0.74

Fancy Feast dry cat food
$2.99 shelf price
-$1.00 eCoupon

Newman's Own barbeque sauce
$2.99 shelf price
-$0.75 eCoupon
-$1.50 doubled NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Okocat natural cat litter
$5.99 shelf price
-$5.00 coupon (you can print two per computer)
=$0.99 (plus a Catalina will print for $3 off of two boxes)

$1.49 shelf price
$0.59 each when you buy five bottles = $2.95
-$0.50 eCoupon
=$0.49 each

Old El Paso seasoning packets
$0.99 shelf price x 3 = $2.97
-$1.00 eCoupon
-$1.00 iBotta
= NEGATIVE three cents for three seasoning packets

Suddenly Salad
$2.79 shelf price
$1.00 sale price x 2 = $2.00
-$1.00 eCoupon
-$1.00 doubled
= two boxes FREE

Old El Paso canned green chilis
$1.37 shelf price
-$1.00 eCoupon
= NEGATIVE 63 cents

Garnier hair dye
$7.99 shelf price
$6.99 sale price x 2 = $13.98
-$4.00 eCoupon
=$2.99 each

Opti-free and Clear Care contact solutions
$9.99 shelf price
-$3.00 eCoupon
-$3.00 (Opti-free) (Clear Care)

Barilla pasta
4/$5 shelf price
-$1.00 eCoupon
=$0.75 each

Muir Glen tomato paste
$1.39 shelf price x 2 = $2.78
-$1.00 eCoupon
=$0.39 each

Bertolli pasta sauce
$3.99 shelf price
$2.99 sale price x 2 = $5.98
-$1.50 eCoupon
= $2.98 for two jars


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