Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Perk: A new passive income thing that seems to have a ton of potential

OK, so I'm laughing at myself for even typing "passive income," because that's when people who already have money put their money somewhere to make substantial sums of money through dividends or rental income or something, right? But I'm still going to say this counts.

I came across Perk on a Reddit forum. It's similar to Swagbucks and Bing Rewards and all that. The app plays videos (with ads, naturally), which reward the user. The difference between Perk and the others though is that the Perk apps will run passively on autoplay pretty much indefinitely, with no daily limit. The folks on Reddit are doing things like buying $5 smartphones and running entire farms of them sitting on their desks. I haven't tried that, and I'm not sure I'm actually going to go that far with it, but I have it running on my computer pretty much all the time.

Please help me out by using my referral link if you sign up. And save yourself time by checking out the Reddit tutorials on what exactly to do and how to maximize your earnings on these various sites. Pretty much anything you were thinking about trying or weren't sure what it does, the Reddit people have already figured it out and posted about it. The people on there are seriously smart and typically very helpful (though I could do without the racism and sexism that run rampant on there).

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