Friday, May 27, 2016

Focus groups, anyone?

I'm currently exploring focus groups and medical research as ways of making quick money. Most of the focus groups I've done or am set to do are online or over the phone these days, which is different from when I did a few of them decades ago as a young broke person.

So far I've done them with Recruit and Field, Advanced Opinions, and Focus Pointe Global. None of the studies have required me to go anywhere except for one that required me to snap cell phone pictures in a grocery store. I've also registered with others, but haven't been assigned to any studies with them. Does anyone have any other recommendations for agencies to try?

Also, interestingly, I'm finding that healthcare providers doing studies are much more user-friendly than providers seeing people for regular care, even in situations in which both types of providers would be operating under the same parameters as far as what they're allowed to do. The medical studies folks are friendly in terms of discussing what time and which location would work best, completely accommodating of needing to bring children with you, apologetic if not running on schedule, and just all-around respectful and good communicators. Which is interesting, because I'd frankly be willing to do more jumping through hoops to get paid to have my blood drawn and whatnot. But I'm finding that they treat people a lot better than regular clinics. The whole staff's attitudes are just better. Hmmm...

(By the way, I just made a new category, which I'm calling "IRL income opportunities." This is going to be stuff that can't be done entirely online, because it requires some sort of in-real-life contact with people, but isn't standard 40-hour-a-week job-type work.)

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