Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to earn with Perk

So, Perk is pretty much only profitable through running their apps many hours per day. I wouldn't bother with any of their other activities. The rules say you can have up to 5 devices running on one account/one IP address. To maximize your earnings, use 5 devices. If you're using phones, they don't need phone service to run the apps, just wi-fi, so you can start your farm by having your friends give you outdated phones and iPods they aren't using. Or, you can get going on whatever device you have access to, then buy more as you earn. It looks like the cheapest phone at the moment that will run the apps is a ZTE Whirl. You can buy it for $4.99 (free next-day shipping if you buy five of them!) at the StraightTalk website. Or if the only money you have is Amazon gift cards, they're $15 on Amazon. Which, still, that's a pretty amazing deal for a mobile device. If you give up on doing Perk, for $15 you have an MP3 player, web browser, game player, etc.

The app that racks up points the fastest seems to be the Pop Quiz trivia app. It will run on any android or iOS phone or iPod, but not tablets unless you know how to hack such things to run a phone app. To get it to run passively, go into the menu and choose "lightning mode," then start up a game. You won't get as many points as if you play the game and get some correct, but if you set it to run 24/7, that's about a dollar per day per device.

For larger tablets, PerkTV is good. Set it to play app trailers or movie trailers. It will automatically play them on loop. This will also earn you about a dollar per day per device.

For computers, use the perk.tv website. It will time out, flash will freeze up, and so forth, especially if you have an older and/or less powerful computer, so install an auto refresh extension and set it to reload the page every half hour or so. Similarly, this also earns about a dollar per day per device.

Did you do the math? If you can run it 24/7, you can make $5 per day doing nothing. I haven't been able to get this to actually work, and am averaging $5 every two days, which means they're running about 12 hours per day. (I haven't bought devices for this purpose, and am using some elderly computers and some mobile devices that are also needed at times for things like e-mail and answering phone calls). The people on the Reddit forum have ways to hack devices to reset if the app crashes, and how to reset their internet router if it crashes, so their devices are actually running 24/7. I seem to be doing just fine though checking my setup every couple hours if someone is home, not always having everything run successfully all night, and not always having devices available.

And of course, refer all your friends so you can earn more money, and if you haven't signed up yet, please use my referral link to do so. Thanks!

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