Thursday, January 8, 2015

Make iced tea for basically free

I've started making iced tea to avoid buying sodas and drink mixes, and it really seems to work. The method I've been using is to boil some water with a couple of teabags, let it actually boil a bit so it gets stronger than most people would probably want tea, then dump it into a pitcher with about an equal amount of ice cubes. You can do black or green tea if you want caffeine and herbal tea if you don't, or a combination. Tea bags will run you about 3 cents a piece for basic black tea or 15-25 cents for flavored and herbal teas, though the more interesting teas can be almost free with coupons. Seriously cheap for a whole pitcher, and great for teens who don't want to drink plain water and parents who'd rather not waste money on junk food. 

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