Monday, January 12, 2015

Glade products at Target are free or potential money maker

Right now, all of the Glade winter holiday scents are on clearance at Target. Some of the scents (spruce, gingerbread) are pretty dang seasonal, but others, if you can ignore the Christmassy names and packaging, are just fine (citrus, apple cinnamon, mint). And who knows -- maybe there are people out there who like spruce and gingerbread in January, or who are more organized than I am and would actually put them away in a holiday box or something.

There are $1 off printable coupons for Glade products all over the place -- check Smartsource,, etc. The January 11 Sunday paper inserts had a ton of clippable ones too. Checkout 51 has an offer for $1.25 off two wax melts, $1.25 off two jar candles, $1.50 off automatic spray refill, and $1.00 off plugins. iBotta has $1 off wax melts, $1.50 off plugins, $1.50 off automatic spray, $3 off wax melt warmer, and $1 off one jar candle.

Glade jar candles are normally $2.99 at Target, and some scents are marked down to $2.08. If you buy two and use two $1 paper coupons, the Checkout 51 offer, and the iBotta offer, the two candles are -9 cents total. If you choose full price candles, they will be $1.73 for two candles, which is still pretty amazing.

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