Saturday, January 3, 2015

DTA continues goal of making sure no one can get food stamps

I just ignored a call from an unknown number, because it's Saturday and I've only ever gotten sales calls from unknown numbers on weekends.

Sure enough, it was DTA. The person left a message and said that they received my income verification but not the recertification application (which was in the same envelope, of course). The person said they would send out another one. They then said "also your case is due to close, so someone will be contacting you to set up an appointment to come in about that." There's of course no reason it should be closing; our income is certainly low enough. I'm assuming it's yet another ridiculous situations where their response to any missing info or confusing info is to close the case, thus putting it on the individual to call and beg to have it examined.

I tried calling back the number that called me. I got a voicemail box saying someone would be out of the office on December 19th and returning the next business day.

I tried calling the 800 number. I spent more than 5 minutes listening to prompts and typing in my EBT card number, entire SSN, birth year, and ZIP code, then was told that the office was closed. If it's closed, why are people in it, calling me? I like to deal with stuff immediately and get it off my very-full plate. This is pretty aggravating. 

Oh, and the website is similarly dysfunctional; it requires a username and password that I created, EBT card number, SSN, and birthdate. Seriously? Banks and mortgages and so forth where people could potentially cause a lot more damage just require a username and password that they trust us to use our common sense with. They really just are determined to make it as hard as possible to get or use any benefits.

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