Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What the hell do I do with this vegetable: kale edition

Fair Foods has had a lot of kale recently. Like most of the vegetables that show up on the truck, I like kale when other people make things with it, but am not entirely sure what to do with it that doesn't require buying another $10 worth of ingredients, thereby defeating the purpose of it having been so cheap.

I was quite happy with this "recipe" using the kale. I mixed up one of the boxes of kosher latke mix that I got for free after one of the Jewish holidays (protip: clip coupons for cultural items that show up right before that culture's holiday, check expiration date on coupon, use coupon after the holiday ends and the items go on mega-sale). I added chopped-up kale and some caramelized onions, then baked them on a lightly oiled baking sheet until they looked done. I made a big batch and they disappeared, so I'm going to recommend this. Seems like it would work for most random vegetables that show up.

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