Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Instacart thing is pretty cool

I tried Instacart, since someone gave me a code for free delivery the first time you use it, which I saved for the next time I had a situation that involved not easily being able to leave the house. It does same-day grocery deliver and delivers to 02119, 02118, 02120, 02130, and 02131. It doesn't deliver to 02122, 02124, 02126, or 02121 yet. I couldn't tell if the prices were jacked up from the shelf prices; the store it was delivering from isn't one I usually go into. Still, they were basically decent, I was using a Visa gift card, and getting groceries delivered saved my ass when I was in a bind and was a lot cheaper than it would have been to pay a local teenager. They have one of those pyramid scheme things, so if you click here, you should get $10 off and I get some kind of credit on my next order. If you use it and share the code, it seems like you can get it to continue being free, which is pretty sweet.

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