Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts now offering discounted admission

The MFA has finally joined the Museum of Science and the Children's Museum in offering free or heavily discounted admission to EBT card holders. I'm not sure when they started doing this, or why it wasn't announced (I seem to recall writing to them maybe a year ago and asking why they didn't do it, and getting an e-mail back explaining that they don't have a lot of extra funds), but it's here now. On the "visit" page, buried toward the bottom, it says that if you show your EBT card at the admissions desk, you can get four $3 tickets. Youth 17 and under are always free. It's a nice respectful space for people with disabilities, particularly on weekdays. Something about the quiet and still art museum atmosphere means that staff and other visitors don't tend to do the whole running up and making patronizing comments, which is a plus

UPDATE: You'll have to bring cash if you want to buy discounted tickets.

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