Friday, October 3, 2014


I took one week off and didn't check the coupon deals (sick kids, low on cash, friend in town, etc.) and I missed an incredible deal. Right now on the various coupon boards, the Starbucks $4 off two products ($4.99 or more) coupon is all the rage. It isn't a coupon that would make sense for me to use on a full-price item, because even though $2 off a $6 pack of Frappuccino is a good deal, I'm not spending a dollar per bottle on a junk food item that I can make for a few cents at home. It isn't worth it for the bagged beans either unless they're way on sale, because while it's amazing coffee, but it would still be at least $7.99 a pound -- imma stick with Cafe Bustelo. BUT, apparently last week Stop and Shop had four-packs of iced coffee on sale for $1.99 each. I have four of these coupons. I could have gotten eight four-packs of Starbucks iced coffee for free. FOR FREE, PEOPLE. Thirty-two mo effin' bottles of iced coffee. I really enjoy deals on these sorts of brand-name products because I can store them and use them if I need a quick thank-you gift or don't want to show up at someone's house empty handed. I may be broke, but I'm just not going to take my free jars of pasta sauce or packets of noodles to the office holiday swap, ya know? Ah well, I'm on the lookout for more Starbucks coupon deals before these bad boys expire.

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