Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Yaarlo and Receipt Hog pay you for scanning receipts

I've started using these two apps, Yaarlo and Receipt Hog.

They work the same way; with both of them, you snap a picture of a receipt, and that's all. You then get a few cents per receipt. Yaarlo is a bit harder to redeem, and I believe it requires a gift card purchase to redeem, but you get a large percentage off of the price based on how many points you have. Yaarlo also gives you points for buying gift cards or shopping online through the site. Receipt Hog is straight redemption of your points, just like Swagbucks, Bing, Perk, etc. They allow you to scan online packing slips to an extent too; just read the FAQs as they differ in terms of what types of stores are included and so forth.

They're both pretty good so far. On Receipt Hog I'm almost up to a $5 Amazon Gift Card after a month of using it, and we all know I don't spend much money at retailers. Yaarlo is a little more frustrating, because more than 50% of the time I submit a receipt, it comes back saying it earned 0 points and/or classified as the wrong type of retailer. I have to go on their site every time and submit a help ticket (this is fortunately really easy -- just click the conversation bubble to the right of the receipt and type in a quick phrase and they'll fix it). So I have no idea how many actual points I have on Yaarlo or if I will keep using it once I do my first redemption

EDIT: If you join Yaarlo, use my code LOCOMOTI955, and we both get extra points. Thanks!

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