Saturday, June 6, 2015

Awesome way to clean the house in a hurry with minimal effort

A friend moving out of the country gave me a crate of things that weren't worth transporting, including several cans of this 3M glass cleaner. I would never have spent $8 dollars on glass cleaner (I usually use all-purpose cleaning stuff from Dollar Tree or just use vinegar and baking soda), or bought something this chemically and in a wasteful aerosol container, but wow, this stuff is amazing. I'm hooked now. Sorry, environment.

I sprayed it on my cabinet fronts, counters, sink, stove, appliances, bathroom fixtures, waited about 30 seconds, then wiped it down with a textured cloth, and the stuff had dissolved everything greasy or sticky with no scrubbing. I literally cleaned my neglected kitchen surfaces to an acceptable state for having company over in about two minutes. It worked as well on the stovetop as those oven cleaners that are expensive and that I wouldn't use unless everyone was out of the house and the windows were all open. It smells slightly like ammonia or similar, so it's not completely non-toxic, but it doesn't have fumes or lingering odors, so I'm comfortable using it with kids and people with compromised health in the house.

It's available on Amazon, so while it's pricey, you can get it for free using Bing Rewards. And even if you pay for it, I think it's well worth it for something that cleans so ridiculously fast.

(Speaking of Bing Rewards, I saw tips on another money-saving blog about using bots to run searches on multiple accounts and rack up Amazon gift cards. Not something I'd risk myself, because Microsoft seems sufficiently evil to press charges or sue people, but I wanted to throw it out there as something that's apparently a possibility for those who might be broke enough to risk it.)

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