Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free insulation and other weatherization services if you qualify

If you qualify for fuel assistance through ABCD, and you call them and tell them you're interested in weatherization, they have some really great benefits. I had heard from people in other communities that the waitlist was several years long, but apparently this isn't currently the case, at least in Boston at the moment. I called them about two months ago, they sent me an application, I sent it back, and last week someone came out to do the audit.

They said they would insulate our home, tune up the furnace, and repair some leaky siding and roofing -- all for no cost. They also can replace furnaces if yours is beyond repair. I will update when the work actually gets done, but they said it would be within the next few weeks. The program is available to homeowners of any type of home and renters with landlord's permission. The only thing they no longer do is repair or replacement of windows, but this is inexpensive compared to insulation and heating systems, and the Building Resource Center can hook you up with necessary supplies.

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