Tuesday, April 28, 2015

America: Where soda is cheaper than water

This weekend I was in the grocery store, about to check out, when I decided I really needed a beverage since I was coming down with a sore throat and pressurey sinuses, and this was really getting to me all of the sudden. I didn't know off the top of my head where nearby I could fill my water bottle, was in the checkout line with a cart full of stuff and various kids and elders in tow, so decided I'd just buy something. My position at the end of checkout line was right at the head of the beverage aisle, plus there were various fridges and bins of beverages near the checkouts.

I looked around, and discovered that the cheapest single-serving thing was store-brand soda. It was cheaper than the store-brand water of the same size and even cheaper than the smaller store-brand water. I don't generally buy bottled water because it's a waste of money and horrible for the planet, but it was there, it was what I wanted and what I ended up getting. Just killed me that water with chemicals in it costs less than plain water.

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