Thursday, March 19, 2015

What the hell do I do with this vegetable: avocados and spinach edition

I got 15 avocados and four pounds of spinach from Fair Foods yesterday. I don't really need to make a WTHDIDWTV for avocados, right? They're easy to use for guacamole, sandwiches, or dumping some adobo on them and eating them. The four pounds of spinach though is requiring some creativity, and tonight's dinner involved both, so there.

I had some Vietnamese rice paper spring roll wrappers and some Vietnamese vermicelli, both bought from as Asian market for a dollar or so each. (Note to self: write blog post on things one can find in Asian markets). I made spring rolls with vermicelli, avocado with adobo on it, and raw spinach leaves:

Authentic spring rolls would generally have more flavor to them by way of cilanto, mint, and/or basil. I didn't have any of that stuff, and it's usually expensive. So the rolls were a little bland, but the texture was perfect, and it was nothing some condiments didn't take care of. (If you do the coupon thang, you have a whole stash of condiments that were free or near free, right? We poured some Lawry's teriyaki sauce and sesame-ginger sauce up in these, and they were perfect.)

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