Monday, March 9, 2015

Couponing has been a little lame lately...

This stuff was $14.25, which is clearly a good deal, but it's a small haul. There just aren't many deals this time of year. However, I did sign up for yet another e-coupon thing, which got me a lot of the free/cheap stuff included in this haul.

The new app I'm trying is Snap by Groupon. It requires you to upload a receipt just like iBotta and Checkout 51, but there's no need to scan the bar code like iBotta requires. Unlike most of the other apps, it allows you to use many of the deals multiple or even unlimited times, so if you have a stack of coupons for an item that's on sale and is listed on Snap, you could get several of them for the lowest possible price. I claimed $5.50 the first time I used it, though I suspect that it gives you better deals at first to get you to start using it; there was $1 off any toilet paper (that 99-cent roll was free), $1 off any toothpaste (free 99-cent tube of Aim), $1 off any pasta (free 99-cent box). It currently has several Coke deals, as does iBotta right now, so you can double these up on a product that's on sale at your store and get Coke for a really low price. If you want to check it out, please click on my link above.

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