Thursday, January 17, 2019

Free Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products with $20 purchase

Hey look, I found a pyramid scheme for cleaning/household/bath products. There really is one for everything. Grove Collaborative looks to be similar to Thrive Market and Brandless, but without the food.

They're running a thing right now where you can get a five-piece Mrs. Meyer's set (you don't get to pick the items, but you get to pick the scents) if you spend $20 on anything. They sell Mrs. Meyer's, Method, Yes to whatever, Burt's Bees and other similar moderate range household and body products. They accept PayPal or credit/debit.

If you refer others, you can get more free stuff. Go here and I get free stuff and you get free Mrs. Meyer's with purchase.

Heads up: It looks like there's a VIP free shipping membership of some sort that you have to cancel within 60 days or you'll get charged for it.

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