Sunday, May 6, 2018

$20 off TaskRabbit, first-time users only

Use this code and get $20 off.

I've had hit-and-miss success with TaskRabbit. I wouldn't rely on it if you absolutely need something done at a particular time, as they don't provide you with a replacement if your person doesn't show. I hired someone once to do setup for an event, they didn't show, didn't respond to my messages, and all TaskRabbit would do was give me a $25 credit. Infuriating. But I've had great luck with using them for things like electrical and plumbing work that didn't need to get done at a particular time. There are a lot of tradespeople on there who aren't licensed in this state or have let their license lapse, but absolutely know what they are doing and are perfect for small jobs that don't require a license or permits. I also used it once when I needed something business-related dropped off and needed it to look a little more professional than just sending documents in a cab.

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