Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fancy Pants is closing. 50-80% off everything.

Fancy Pants is closing! See the details on their Facebook page here.

We've been big fans of the place for many years. We've sold a lot of used kids' clothes and toys to them and have shopped there regularly. I'm quite sad to see it go, and hope they're able to reopen somewhere else at some point.

I went on Tuesday and they still had a lot of things left. I got some baby items and such to give to people. I got pretty much an entire wardrobe including a jacket and shoes for about $100 for a kid who suddenly has nothing that fits. There were also a ton of books if people need them; they generally only stock really young books -- just picture books and board books -- but the selection is good and they're at least 50% off their usual prices, which are decent to start with. 

Oh, and they have a good selection of (mostly new!) winter hats and gloves all winter, which I've always appreciated about them, since most stores stop selling winter things in about October. There was still a lot of winter stuff left on Tuesday. I got a bunch of fleece balaclavas (is that the right word? Bank-robber masks, not gross Russian desserts) for $3 each since we are crazy and bike all year round when possible. 

They're open until the 22nd, so hit em up soon. 

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