Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Heads up for people who use the MA DOR free webfile for income tax

Apparently the state's own tax website is no longer active. They now are publishing a list of sites that will file your taxes for free based on income.

OLT will file them for free if you make between $13,000 and $62,000 AGI. However, if you've already filed your federal taxes elsewhere, you can't use this site; it only will file federal and state at the same time. You can pay $7.95 to file your state return alone on this site though. If you make more than $62,000 AGI, I'm not sure why you're reading my site*, but they will file it for $7.95 for state and $7.95 for federal.

1040NOW will file just the state return (or both, if you don't file federal elsewhere) for free if you make under $32,000 AGI. Be sure to use the link with "freefileMA" in it.

MA Department of Revenue doesn't list them, but Turbotax will also file for free if you are eligible to file 1040A or 1040EZ (income under $100,000, don't itemize deductions, no self-employment, no unusual credits or deductions besides the common ones like Earned Income Tax Credit and child credit.)

If you google free e-filing and your situation, you will find more companies that do free e-filing for students, people with disability income, military families, or whatever your case may be.

You can also print out the form and mail it for free. It takes longer to get your refund, but it's free. If you want to make sure you don't make any errors, most of the commercial tax websites (TaxSlayer, etc.) will let you do everything but file the return without paying. You can let it do all the calculations for the credits and everything and then transfer it to a paper form.

(*That's a joke. I realize of course that there are people with high incomes on paper who are supporting relatives, have high disability expenses, are trying to save a failing home business, and so forth.)


  1. It's a travesty that they took away Webfile for Income without a suitable replacement. I have already filed my Federal and make more than the 1040NOW limit, what do you suggest for e-filing only MA?

  2. If you qualify to use the 1040A or 1040EZ, TurboTax will do it for free under $100K.

    I actually ended up using TaxSlayer, which charged me $12.99 for federal and $22 for state. Not the cheapest by any means, but I already had my info in it since I was using it back when we were itemizing medical expenses and taking business losses and that kind of complicated stuff. I can't file the 1040A or 1040EZ anyway, because I have 1099s from some work I did, and I get EITC. In previous years, I've used TaxSlayer and then copied it over to the MA website. I just didn't have the energy to sign up for a different site and learn a new site with all its popups reminiscent of Paperclip Guy, so I paid the $22 to just e-file the return that was already finished in TaxSlayer.