Wednesday, October 26, 2016

$98.64 for almost $300 worth of stuff

Here's my haul from Stop and Shop yesterday. Everything was done with online printable coupons and phone apps.

Leave me a comment or e-mail me if you can't figure out one of the deals, but I used the Stop and Shop coupons that load to the card,, a few other coupons I found via googling, Checkout 51, iBotta, and SavingStar. For the past few months, the Stop and Shop coupons have largely been duplicates of the ones on, which means you can stack them. The apps often duplicate them as well. FYI, the Fiber One and Nature Valley bar deals aren't worth it. It looks good on paper, since there are paper coupons and deals on Stop and Shop and all the apps, but the total discount is $2 for two boxes of Nature Valley and $2.50 for two boxes of Fiber One. The shelf prices are $3.69-$3.79. Not a good deal unless these are things you buy regardless. Dollar Tree has packs of various granola bars and cereal bars and they only cost, well, you know.

Quorn vegetarian chicken patties have been free for the past month or so. They're on sale for $2.50, iBotta has $1.25 off, and Checkout 51 has $1.50 off. You can only buy one per week with these apps, unfortunately, but hey, free stuff.

Old El Paso enchilada sauce is also free. Shelf price is $1.20, has a 30-cent coupon that gets doubled, Stop and Shop card has 30 cents off, and SavingStar has 30 cents off. iBotta has $1 off two Old El Paso products as well, so you could also toss in a seasoning packet or beans or something and get those for free. The iBotta deal says that purchase price of items must be at least one dollar, and I didn't know if they meant per item or total, so I didn't bother. All Old El Paso products are a percentage off this week (I think 30%?), so the seasoning packets are under a dollar. The rest of their products are closer to $2 or $3, so they don't work so well in these coupon deals and it's usually cheaper to just get store brand or Goya.

Speaking of, the SavingStar Goya products deal is back. You get $5 back if you spend $25 on Goya products. The $25 is based on shelf price, so feel free to use Goya coupons, which are readily available online. Last time this deal came up, I just made sure to buy Goya brand of staples (rice, beans, spices, oil, etc.) and got to the $25 quickly just buying things I would already be buying.

There's also a Purex SavingStar deal that's $5 off of $25. Purex large jugs and small jugs are both on sale at Stop and Shop this week. There are substantial coupons for Purex readily available online by googling. Remember, the $25 is based on shelf price, not what you paid. The shelf price for 150 oz is $9.99 (on sale for $8.99 this week) and the shelf price for 43.5 oz is $4.99 (on sale for $1.99 this week). Two of each gets you to $25 on SavingStar. I used $2 off coupons on each large jug and $1 off on the small ones. So after SavingStar, I'll end up paying about $11 for 387 ounces. It ends up being cheaper than even any store brand detergent I've found.

Stop and Shop has a great deal that ends on Friday where if you buy $20 worth of certain frozen items, you save $10. SuperPretzel and Outshine have coupons available right now, which it let me use in addition to the store deal. SuperPretzel is also on SavingStar this week. Outshine has been on various coupon deals before, particularly at Target. For a while, they only made huge bars that came six to a pack. They were good, but they were kind of ridiculous. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they now make small cylindrical pops that come 12 to a box.

Tic-Tacs are nearly free. There's a BOGO coupon on, then iBotta has 50 cents off of some flavors and 75 cents off others. Shelf price is $1.49. Make sure you get two different flavors, like I failed to do, so you can redeem two different iBotta rebates.

Larabar (excuse me, Lärabar) multipacks of five bars are $4.99. There are $1 off deals on, Stop and Shop, Checkout51, and SavingStar. Which means the packs cost less than one bar. Make sure you get the 5-pack, not the 16-pack, which is $22 or something.

Glade has amazing stackable deals as always. Wax melts and small jar candles are $3.14 each through November 3. Stop and Shop has $2 off 3 items and iBotta has 75 cents of wax melts and 75 cents off two jar candles. The items end up being $1.97 each, which is cheaper than IKEA or store brand candles pretty much anywhere, except for Dollar Tree, but theirs are tiny and they usually only have this awful fake vanilla scent. Thanks, Glade, for making my kids' rooms not smell like armpits and the bathroom not smell like cat whiz.

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