Friday, July 22, 2016

Wassup with instant pots?

Yes, I'm familiar with what they are, and they seem to make a lot of sense for cooking beans, grains, and similar cheap-and-nutritious things for people who aren't at home a lot.

But I'm really concerned about the side effects of these things. It seems they have some unusual property that causes their owners to mention them any time someone discusses food. It doesn't seem to matter whether one is discussing food that would be in any way improved in an instant pot. Instant pots are infesting people's brains, y'all.

Actual conversations I've witnessed recently:

"I had two egg and cheeses from Dunkin Donuts this morning"
"You need an instant pot!"

"Should we order Thai or Indian tonight?"
"You should get an instant pot!"

"I just got a whole bunch of clothes on mega sale"
"Amazon has instant pots for $60"

My god, they've started wearing them. Or cooking their clothes, idk. I quit.