Monday, June 6, 2016

Second of the meals with the pre-cooked stuff: veggie burgers

Today I formed some of the bread dough into ciabatta-type rolls for veggie burgers. This was completely an experiment, and it turned out pretty well. I used balls of dough that were about the size of golf balls, and flattened them quite a bit into disks. They barely expanded in diameter, but puffed up quite a bit, so these definitely did need flattening. Some of them stuck to the baking sheet and the bottoms got kind of crispy and the insides hollowish, so definitely make sure you flatten them in your hands with plenty of flour rather than letting them get pressed onto the baking sheet. All eight of them were usable though, which was what I was going for. I also baked a loaf of bread with some of the dough, partly because bread, and also so I could slice it and use it as veggie burger bread if the rolls didn't work out.

While that was baking, I made veggie burgers with some of the black beans and slow cooker oats. I didn't add any vegetables or anything to them this time, just basic seasoning. I pan-fried them since the oven was in use. They seem to turn out about equally well in the oven or in the pan; the only difference is that you have to give them more attention if pan-frying, so I prefer to toss them on a baking sheet and let it sit in the oven if possible. These also turned out really well; they turn out a bit differently every time, since the ingredients are ones where the texture can vary quite a bit even if cooked the same way each time. I've never had them turn out bad or not work though; they always will hold together just fine with some flour added or by freezing the patties if necessary.

Here's the assembled product. I ended up with eight of these, which probably cost me a dollar or two. (About a cup of cooked black beans, about a cup of cooked steel-cut oats, probably a cup of flour, pinches of various other pantry ingredients, plus lettuce from Fair Foods and cheese and condiments that I got with coupons.) Buying the veggie patties and rolls at the store would run a dollar for not-very-good dollar store rolls, or $2-$3 for this type of roll, and probably $4-$5 for two boxes of frozen patties. If you have the time and resources to cook from scratch, it's seriously cheap, not to mention healthy and better.

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