Monday, December 14, 2015

Cooking with WIC stuff

Since we are once again on WIC, I thought I'd start posting some recipes that can be made with entirely or mostly WIC ingredients. I've talked about chili before and how cheaply it can be made. It can also be made almost entirely out of WIC ingredients, plus cheap spices.

From WIC package:
  • beans
  • onions and/or garlic
  • canned or fresh tomatoes
  • zucchini, bell peppers, corn, or other veggies if desired
  • hot peppers (fresh, from produce department)
These WIC ingredients, plus a few cents worth of salt and pepper, will make a vat of chili to feed your family for days. It freezes well too. If you have the cooking facilities and cooking skills, get the dried beans instead of the canned beans, because it's a lot more beans. A whole bag of dried beans pretty much fills a large crock pot or large soup pot.

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