Saturday, November 28, 2015

Aeropostale's website has good deals on kids' clothing this weekend

Everything in the PS sections is marked down, plus you can use code holiday20 to get $20 off a $100 purchase (I found the code at retailmenot. When making online purchases, ALWAYS google "aeropostale coupon code" or whatever before checking out to see if there are additional codes the store isn't publishing on their own site). Oh, and free headphones when you spend $75. They don't appear to be brand-name or anything in case you have a kid who cares about such things, but if you don't, they look like something that would be perfect to stash away for a holiday present.

Jeans aren't a great deal; still $18 for the cheapest ones and $30 or more for most of them, while Old Navy, Crazy8, and H&M regularly have plenty of decent ones for $10. Tops are a good price though, with a number of nice short-sleeve and long-sleeve ones for $5-$10. Sort them by price, skip past the approximately eight million shirts that say PS on them (unless you like that sort of thing; I do buy them for sleeping and sports when they're down to like $3), and there are some nice tops. If you need school uniform shirts, they have polos for $6-$10.

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