Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Snow boots on Amazon for $14?!

Interesting. These boots, which have great reviews, are $14-18 for certain sizes and colors. Size youth 13 in the star print came out at $14.03. That's cheaper even than most of the boots on aliexpress, and these come right away with prime shipping.

A few Kamik and DC shoes items are coming up this way too. Search for the generic item ("child high top sneaker," "toddler snow boot"), then it will come up near the top with a range of $15-$60 or whatever. Put in a size and see if any colors come up heavily discounted. Try the next size up if nothing comes up. Wow.

UPDATE: The boots arrived, they fit, and they're as sturdy and well-made as Kamik or any of the other swanky brands.

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