Saturday, May 16, 2015

Free bananas

Right now:
  • iBotta has an offer for 20 cents off bananas
  • Checkout51 has an offer for 25 cents off bananas
  • SavingStar has an offer for 20% off bananas
Bananas are 39 cents per pound at Wegman's right now. Buy one pound, use these three offers, and you'll get 7 cents plus 20 cents plus 25 cents back, making the bananas -13 cents. Is it sad that I'm mentally figuring out what equation one would use to figure out how to get the most free bananas?

(And if you don't have these apps already, use my referral links to help out the broke mofo who told you about them, right!?)

EDIT: The math is actually pretty simple; 56 cents worth of bananas is the maximum that would be free -- you'd get back 20 cents + 25 cents + [X/5, which is 11 when X is 56], so 56 cents back.

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