Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Children's Museum offers $2 admission for EBT card holders

I'm not a huge fan of the Children's Museum, just because the educational component is quite minimal compared to the Museum of Science or Museum of Fine Arts. Most of it has very little information to read and the hands-on experimental materials are mostly fairly common household items. It's definitely geared toward the infant/toddler set as far as learning anything new, but is still quite fun for kids and adults. At $2 per person though, I don't mind taking the family to a space that's essentially a playground. I will say that we have found museum to be super special-needs friendly and haven't experienced any issues around staff being patronizing or providing unwanted "help," which I can't say for many places. Just present your EBT card and a photo ID at the admissions desk and they admit you with no hassle.

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